Nano Intense Keratin Hair Treatment (AKA Brazilian Blow Dry)


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Keratin express treatment-

Results can last up to 30 days, great to add on to a regular colour service

Frizz reduction treatment

You can expect to see up to 70% frizz reduction and a smooth sleek result for up to 3 months

Intense straightening system

For people with thick, coarse or very curly hair. Expect straighter, healthier hair for 3-6 months

Prices for the Keratin Revolution start from £90 on shoulder length hair, this includes the keratin shampoo and conditioner which we recommend for you to always use to make sure the treatment lasts as long as possible. 

Recommendations after treatment:

  • You can shampoo hair 48 after the treatment. During this time don't put your hair in a ponytail, behind ears, put glasses on your head or use grips/clamps and MUST be kept moisture free.
  • You also have to use the Shampoo and Conditioner that you will receive on your first treatment.
  • Styling products can be used after the 2 - 4 days of the treatment being application.
  • It is not recommended that this Nano Intense Keratin Treatment is used on pregnant or breast-feeding women.

*Prices may vary on length and thickness of hair

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